1. escort, accompanier, companion, comrade, crony, chum, Fr. copain. sidekick, shadow, Inf. pal, U.S. Inf. buddy, Sl. cully, Sl.Slamese twin; chaperon, matron, (in Spain and Portugal) duenna, governess, tutor, tutoress, nursemaid, nanny, sitter, baby-sitter, au pair girl; usher, guide, cicerone, pilot.
2. assistant, auxiliary, ancilla, helper, aide, aide-decamp, Mil. orderly; squire, equerry, courtier, gillie, page, footboy, Obs. waiter; servant, servitor, pursuivant, follower, acolyte, vassal, liegeman, Hist. retainer; domestic, menial, hireling; manservant, man, valet, butler, major-domo, seneschal, factotum, steward, footman, lackey, Archaic. groom; maid, handmaid, woman, Fr. femme de chambre; cupbearer, Ganymede; All Contemptuous. flunky, satellite, slave, Sl. stooge.
3. consequence, result, effect, what follows; product, fruit, issue, upshot, outcome, conclusion, end, end product or result; corollary, byproduct, incidental; accompaniment, accessory, complement, completer, concomitant, concurrent, Astron. comes; supplement, appendage, appurtenance, appurtenant, adjunct, appanage, annex, attachment, addition, extension.
4. visitor, attender, frequenter.
5. present, in attendance.
6. accompanying, accessory, complementary; associated, associate, affiliated, allied, fellow; connected, related, relative, akin, affinitive, like, similar; consequent, consequential, resultant, resulting, following or progressing from, concomitant, concurrent

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